Data Entry & Conversion

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a company, it requires fast data processing and data transfers into electronic form.

We can efficiently digitize any kinds of data and ensure an accurate data entry and data conversion with market-leading prices.

Thanks to the combination of various manual data entry methods such as (a) the entry and quality control (Type &Proof) or (b) Double Keying Method, together with automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition), we achieve accuracy rates of up to 99.99%.
Data Conversion is the conversion of the output format in the file to another file format.

We convert, for example, scanning results in text or database formats to facilitate data analysis and import to other target systems. DIGI-TEXX provides you with all common image and text formats.

Besides, the well-defined conversion can be done formatting.
Here are some examples of document types that we entry or convert:

•    Post returns (e.g. replying cards of marketing campaigns)

•    Forms (e.g. proposals, survey forms)

•    Business documents (e.g. contracts, invoices, purchasing orders)

•    Library and archival finding aids (Find books, catalog cards)

•    Newspaper and magazine articles

•    Product catalogs and lists

•    Technical plans and drawings

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