DIGI-TEXX promote the development of Image vectorizing services

high quality image after redrawing

This year DIGI-TEXX will start processing Image vectorizing projects.
Image vectorizing can be understood as the transfer of conventional images such as photographs, scanned images from pixels format as bitmap into vector images.

Vector images are specified by coordinates and lines, according to the mathematical equations, therefore vector images have small size. They have high processing speed and can be zoomed to be able to print in large size. Besides, with this kind of image we can easily change colors. Also adding or removing objects in the image is possible without any difficulties.

bitmap images before and after the image was redrawn in vectors

Vector graphics are often used to create company logos, icons for web interfaces and applications or images such as vector stock to use as materials for design …

With experienced and skilled staff working in image processing projects, who are trained with a professional workflow, DIGI-TEXX is confident to meet the required quality and response time of this type of project.

By using Image Vertorizing service of DIGI-TEXX your business will save time and costs on the same or higher quality level.

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